China's high-end metal hose manufacturer Aug 22 , 2022

China's high-end metal hose manufacturer

China's high-end metal hose manufacturers produce standard flexible and super flexible annual corrugated metal hoses. The hose is hydraulically formed by stainless steel SS304 / 316L band. The inner tube shape allows all metal bellows to bend. In the non-woven configuration, it can only withstand low pressure. Stainless steel SS304 / 316L outer braid can be single braid or double braid, which can provide strong pressure capacity in the configuration with braid. The connector of the hose can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper or brass, and various end connectors can be welded to the stainless steel braided hose assembly.

Our standard flex and custom flex, crimped metal hoses and external braids are SS304 / 316L stainless steel, while other grades and higher pressure metal hoses can also be provided on demand.

Product features of customized metal hose:

The inner diameter of our products is 6mm-350mm

Withstand temperature range from - 270 ° C to + 816 ° C

Different grades of stainless steel to match chemical resistance

The completely sealed corrugated metal pipe does not allow gas to penetrate through the hose wall, making this product the best choice for industrial gas and final vacuum applications

The metal hose has a two-year shelf life


All metal hoses are manufactured by carefully selected suppliers according to iso10380 standard

Standard pedal connector is manufactured according to ISO 10806 standard; Corrugated metal hose, flange and pipe / pipe assembly fittings conforming to relevant standards, and customized end fittings according to the special needs of customers

The customer shall consider the following additional services or certifications when quoting:

Hydrostatic strength / leakage test and comply with ISO 10380

Nitrogen leakage test (pneumatic test), according to ISO 10380 standard (maximum pressure 2 bar)

Dye penetration test according to class 2 of ISO 9712

If any of the above operations are not performed, perform a quick vacuum test.

If you need more information about professional products and unique applications, please contact our sales personnel. Our website is, and our email is

We offer a range of complementary alternative products and have a stock of some of these featured products - if we don't, we can provide customized services.

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