Custom stainless steel winding hose manufacturer Sep 21 , 2022

Custom stainless steel winding hose manufacturer

Featurehouse offers a variety of stainless steel corrugated hoses. All stainless steel corrugated hoses are manufactured according to ISO10380 standard, and can be connected with different types of joints by welding, and form annular corrugation by hydraulic means.

Application of stainless steel winding hose industry

Steel making pulp/paper mill

Industrial gas

LNG/CBM transmission


Other high-temperature and high-pressure resistant industries

Featurehouse series bellows is made of SS316L, and the standard material is SS304 braided layer. However, we can produce hoses of different grades, including SS321. Stainless steel spiral wound hose has a variety of alloys to choose from, with sizes ranging from 6mm to 350mm, and is equipped with endless end fitting combinations. It can be used for low pressure or vacuum applications without gaskets, or it can add single-layer or double-layer braided layers to increase pressure and wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and eliminate vibration.

About bending metal hoses

The profile, material, wall thickness, depth and spacing of the corrugated stainless steel wound hose determine the flexibility, pressure rating and suitable application scenarios of the hose. Stainless steel wound hose is made of austenitic cold formed stainless steel of different grades and thicknesses. Braid and butt weld them into tubes, and then form parallel ripples through hydraulic pressure, which are evenly distributed along the entire length of the hose.


Technical Problems of Featurehouse Series Corrugated Metal Hose

Brand corrugated hose or corrugated hose series are manufactured according to ISO 10380 standard. The safety factor of the hose can reach 4:1. For example, the burst pressure is 4 times of the maximum working pressure. The daily hose test pressure is 1.5 times of the maximum working pressure.

In addition, various scenarios and operating conditions may affect the service life and pressure resistance of corrugated hoses, such as:


Pressure loss - When installed in a pipe system, the pressure loss is due to the friction between the hose and the medium caused by the corrugated hose, thus reducing the flow rate. This problem is alleviated by increasing the diameter of the hose. The working pressure of the hose determines the service life of the hose, which may also be affected by the following factors:

Pressure fluctuation: the pressure of corrugated metal hose suddenly increases, causing severe vibration of the hose and fatigue of the corrugated metal hose, leading to early failure.

Pressure pulsation: The pressure of corrugated metal hose increases and decreases continuously, which will also make the corrugated become fatigue, leading to premature failure of the hose.

Mechanical torsion: corrugated metal hose has high pressure and temperature resistance, but no torsion strength. If the corrugated hose is twisted, the pipe can be immediately invalid.

Bending – Corrugated hose has a high degree of flexibility, but if the hose is bent beyond the specified dynamic bending radius, it may lead to severe fatigue and premature failure of the hose. Using an elbow instead of bending the hose will extend the service life of the hose.

Velocity – Excessive media velocity can cause eddy current effects in the hose. This is caused by friction between corrugated metal hose and medium. This problem can be alleviated by adding PTFE or other lining materials to the hose.


The working pressure of corrugated metal hose is calculated as 20 ° c. With the increase of hose temperature, its working pressure will decrease. The pressure drop can be calculated using the temperature on the data specification sheet and the correction factor chart.

All corrugated metal hoses will be tested and certified before shipment, and manufactured according to ISO10380 and AS4041 standards, meeting customer requirements and specifications. We can use a variety of test methods for experiments, such as hydrostatic pressure, vacuum, pneumatic, penetrant, etc.

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