Welcome to order Feature's Flexible Metal Hose Mar 16

Welcome to order Feature's Flexible Metal Hose

With the warming/cooling of the climate, outdoor/indoor equipment with high requirements for the working environment, such as the protection of high-precision instrument pipeline line, the protection of the line under the bad environment and the protection of power equipment demand is increasing. Customized braided Flexible metal hose, including I.D., O.D., Lenth, Connects, Material, Printed Tag, Package, etc. Also available: High pressure Customizable Braided Flexible Metal hose/Finish polished braiding Flexible Metal hose/Braided Flexible Metal Hose with threaded/Braided Flexible Metal Hose with the male thread connector/Expansion Inter PTFE lined Flexible Metal Hose/Braided Flexible Metal Hose with chuck quick coupling/Camlock coupling for flexible metal Hose /Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Metal Flange hose inner PTFE, etc. 

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