• Fundamentals for Feature Flexible Metal Hose Aug 26 , 2021
    FEATURE FLEXIBLE METAL HOSE CO., LIMITED provided Processing and manufacturing, export sales of various types of flexible metal conduits, nonmetallic hose/metal coated hose/brained flexible hose/protective PVC Coated hose/flanged flexible hose, etc, included all of conduit fitting and connector. Company adhering to the "quality development", production of quality products, provided perfect service for the purpose. Because of trust, so choose! Flexible metal hoses are indispensable flexibility hoses in industrial pipelines, with excellent flexible, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, majoy used in avariety of gas transmission, infusioon pipeline system and length, temperature, position and Angle compensation system as a compensation element, sealing element, connection element and shock absorption element. Feature flexible metal hose can provided all kinds of joins, diameter and length can producted according to buyer's de...
  • China's high-end metal hose manufacturer Aug 22 , 2022
    China's high-end metal hose manufacturerChina's high-end metal hose manufacturers produce standard flexible and super flexible annual corrugated metal hoses. The hose is hydraulically formed by stainless steel SS304 / 316L band. The inner tube shape allows all metal bellows to bend. In the non-woven configuration, it can only withstand low pressure. Stainless steel SS304 / 316L outer braid can be single braid or double braid, which can provide strong pressure capacity in the configuration with braid. The connector of the hose can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper or brass, and various end connectors can be welded to the stainless steel braided hose assembly.Our standard flex and custom flex, crimped metal hoses and external braids are SS304 / 316L stainless steel, while other grades and higher pressure metal hoses can also be provided on demand.Product features of customized metal hose:The inner diameter of our products is 6mm-350mmWithstand temperature range fro...
  • Custom stainless steel winding hose manufacturer Sep 21 , 2022
    Custom stainless steel winding hose manufacturerFeaturehouse offers a variety of stainless steel corrugated hoses. All stainless steel corrugated hoses are manufactured according to ISO10380 standard, and can be connected with different types of joints by welding, and form annular corrugation by hydraulic means.Application of stainless steel winding hose industrySteel making pulp/paper millIndustrial gasLNG/CBM transmissionsteamOther high-temperature and high-pressure resistant industriesFeaturehouse series bellows is made of SS316L, and the standard material is SS304 braided layer. However, we can produce hoses of different grades, including SS321. Stainless steel spiral wound hose has a variety of alloys to choose from, with sizes ranging from 6mm to 350mm, and is equipped with endless end fitting combinations. It can be used for low pressure or vacuum applications without gaskets, or it can add single-layer or double-layer braided layers to increase pressure and wear resistance, hig...
  • Unleashing the Power of FEATUREHOSE's Air Rubber Hose: Elevate Your Industrial Pursuits Sep 05 , 2023
    Welcome to our blog, where we unveil the extraordinary capabilities of the Air Rubber Hose by FEATUREHOSE. As a leading contender in the realm of industrial hoses, this remarkable product is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled durability and versatility. With applications spanning various industries such as mining, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, and steel production, it has become an indispensable component for countless enterprises, ensuring operational success.Unparalleled Construction:The Air Rubber Hose stands out with its impeccable strength and meticulously designed composition. Its inner layer is expertly crafted from a blend of NR and SBR synthetic rubber, giving it a sleek black hue and exceptional durability. To further fortify its structure, the hose incorporates high-strength synthetic fibers. You can choose between single or double fiber braided or wound reinforcement, ensuring its imperviousness to high-pressure conditions. The outer rubber layer, avail...
  • Enhance Your Applications with Customized Elbow Joints for Flexible Metal Hoses Sep 25 , 2023
    When it comes to superior pressure and corrosion resistance, our company is your go-to specialist in providing customized elbow joints for flexible metal hoses. These meticulously designed elbow joints seamlessly connect both ends of the flexible metal hose, offering a wide range of customized orientations. In this article, we will delve into the significance of our braided flexible metal hose, highlight the construction of our flexible metal hose assemblies, and outline the advantages and custom services we proudly offer.Braided Flexible Metal Hose: An Engineering MarvelThe braided flexible metal hose stands as an essential component in various engineering applications. Combining a corrugated flexible pipe, braided wires, and joints, this versatile hose acts as a compensation, sealing, connecting, and damping element in diverse systems. Whether it's gas transmission, infusion pipelines, length compensation, temperature compensation, position compensation, or angle compensation, ou...

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